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Combining the need for winter warmth and the needs of our children!

Hats: Why should keeping your head warm not be a bold fashion statement as well.


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  • A Christchurch neurosurgeon who threatened to quit when the government announced that it was setting up a service for neurology in Dunedin, has been appointed as head of the Southland Island Services (Chch and Dunedin)
  • A new treatment for Type I Diabetes using pig cells could save DHB’s hundreds of money once it is ready for commercial release in 2 years.
  • Strokes are not just an issue for the elderly, as parents of an Invercargill have discovered, with the 2yr old having suffered a stroke in the womb.
  • The government is set appeal against a Human Rights Tribunal ruling that  would allow parents who cared for children with high needs to be paid in the same was any non-parent carer would be. One of the parents involved in bringing this case to court is nearing retirement and yet still looks after his two severely disabled adult children by himself.
  • FM listening Devices used to help children with Auditory Processing Disorder. Up to 15% of children may suffer from this condition, which can impair learning.
  • Scientists have developed a blood test to help predict whether a baby has Down Syndrome rather than the risky invasive tests used currently.
  • What many parents of children with ADHD already know, is that diet can better control the disorder than drugs, and now a study published in the Lancet medical journal is showing that this is true.

As if puberty and autism/aspergers by themselves aren’t big enough on their own to deal with…… just wait until they collide! Just like any other child the onset of puberty and the teenage years can be one of confusion, hormones and moodiness (in some cases extreme moodiness), but when you add into the mix all the other issues that are associated with Autistic Spectrum Disorders, such as a need for order, OCD, sensory issues etc it can be come quite overwhelming for all involved and especially the child. To make matters worse this onset is getting younger all the time….. it is now considered to be perfectly normal for the onset of puberty to begin as early 9 years for girls and 10.5/11 years for boys, with the pre-pubescent stages starting often at 8 and 9 years such as the surge in hormones……. For many of us by the time our ASD kids are this age we have often only just gotten our heads around how they work and developed some sort of system that works keep the house ticking along in a relatively calm way, but now the rules have changed.

Things that you need to think of:


If your child has sensory issues, even before they actually need to shave it is important to introduce them to how a razor will feel on their skin, especially if they are going to need to use an electric shaver….


Are they happy to use roll on or spray deodorants, do they have sensory issues or aversions to different smells? All these factors need to be taken into account when choosing the right one…. thankfully there are lots of different ones available to choose from. PLUS its best to make this a part of the routine before odor becomes an issue.


If you have enough problems getting them in the shower once a week then you need to start a routine of more frequent showers. Plus if they have co-ordination issues they may want to start developing more independence around things like hair washing, try a shampoo bar as opposed to liquid shampoo they may find it easier.


Another one where starting a routine of face washing before it becomes a big problem. Try different products to see what they are most comfortable with, especially if they have sensory issues. There are lots of products on the market from scrubs, foaming cleansers and cleansing soap bars.


Some Articles that deal with this Issue and how to approach your ASD child about puberty:



http://www.autism-help.org/family-puberty-autism.htm (some of the data relating to onset are not as up to date)

Useful Book…..http://www.fishpond.co.nz/product_info.php?id=9781843103745



  • A new $5m Child Cancer Unit will be built at Christchurch Hospital, with the Board hoping to have it completed by Christmas.
  • A baby in Palmerston North  was prescribed penicillin despite their being a warning on her file that she was allergic to it.
  • IHC careworkers have so far won their fight to be paid a ‘wage’ instead of an ‘allowance’ when doing overnight shifts in residential support units.
  • There has been a large outcry within not just the disabled community over Micheal Laws comments that ‘Disability Sports are ludicrous and shouldn’t be recognised alongside able bodied athletes.’
  • A mother of two children with disabilities is struggling to find a suitable house in Auckland, after her Landlord gave her 90 days to leave, and HNZ appears to be in no hurry to help her.


  • Current Medical Research has now linked many epilepsy drugs with a rise in broken bones and fractures in older patients….
  • Researchers looking into Autism within the State of California, have seen correlations between incidences of the second child being diagnosed with Autism and the gap between them and the older child… with those kids born within 2yrs of the first child at greater risk of Autistic Behaviours.
  • Anger is being felt over they way in which Pharmac makes decisions on who can receive access to drugs not on the subsidised list
  • Ministry of Health released figures showing how expensive some people’s treatment is in NZ Hospitals, with most of the more expensive treatments being the result of accidents.
  • Child finally gets much need operation for scoliosis, but only after her plight had been reported in the paper.
  • Oncology services are once again under threat as the lack of available oncologists continues to hamper the provision of services, especially in the Wellington region.

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last few months,  I have been in the midst of shifting and buying a house….. Now that we are on the other side of this adventure, hopefully I’ll be able to get back to some normality and more regular posting in the New Year!!

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