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Know Your Rights!


Under the “Health and Disability Act 1994”  a code of rights was established for Consumers of Health and Disability Services. It does not however cover issues surrounding ACC or Privacy of Information and complaints concerning these issues should be directed to these Government Departments and not to the Health and Disabilities Commission.

The Code of Rights

  1. Right to be Treated with Respect
  2. Right to Freedom from Discrimination, Coercion, Harassment and Exploitation
  3. Right to Dignity and Independence
  4. Right to Services of an Appropriate Standard
  5. Right to Effective Communication
  6. Right to be Fully Informed
  7. Right to Make an Informed Choice and to give Informed Consent
  8. Right to Support
  9. Rights in Respect of Teaching and Research
  10. Right to Complain


More detailed information on these rights can be found at www.hdc.org.nz or pick up a brochure from your local Health Care Provider.

In addition to the setting up of The Code of Rights, the Act also set up the provision of a free Advocacy Service where needed. They are availble throughout the country and are trained to speak on your behalf to reach a resolution.They can be contacted by:

Information on how to make a complaint can also be found at www.hdc.org.nz or by picking up a brochure at your local Health care Provider.


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