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Combining the need for winter warmth and the needs of our children!

Hats: Why should keeping your head warm not be a bold fashion statement as well.


Beautifully Designed Hats, for those who love to stand out from the crowd!


You can also check them out on Facebook…. Creative Aertz and while you’re there also check out the hats on offer by C Monkey Doo and Crochet by Beth


For some hats of a different kind try:


Perfect those who can't wear woollen items!


Check them out on Facebook for more funky items that make…. Wild Ones Clothing

For something a little bit more simpler then check these out:


Simple and yet so stylishly versatile. By Poppy and Bee


Check them out on Facebook….. Poppy and Bee. if you prefer the knitted look to crochet then check out Natural Star!


Watch out for more winter fashion!

  • A Christchurch neurosurgeon who threatened to quit when the government announced that it was setting up a service for neurology in Dunedin, has been appointed as head of the Southland Island Services (Chch and Dunedin)
  • A new treatment for Type I Diabetes using pig cells could save DHB’s hundreds of money once it is ready for commercial release in 2 years.
  • Strokes are not just an issue for the elderly, as parents of an Invercargill have discovered, with the 2yr old having suffered a stroke in the womb.
  • The government is set appeal against a Human Rights Tribunal ruling that ¬†would allow parents who cared for children with high needs to be paid in the same was any non-parent carer would be. One of the parents involved in bringing this case to court is nearing retirement and yet still looks after his two severely disabled adult children by himself.
  • FM listening Devices used to help children with Auditory Processing Disorder. Up to 15% of children may suffer from this condition, which can impair learning.
  • Scientists have developed a blood test to help predict whether a baby has Down Syndrome rather than the risky invasive tests used currently.
  • What many parents of children with ADHD already know, is that diet can better control the disorder than drugs, and now a study published in the Lancet medical journal is showing that this is true.

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