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  • Current Medical Research has now linked many epilepsy drugs with a rise in broken bones and fractures in older patients….
  • Researchers looking into Autism within the State of California, have seen correlations between incidences of the second child being diagnosed with Autism and the gap between them and the older child… with those kids born within 2yrs of the first child at greater risk of Autistic Behaviours.
  • Anger is being felt over they way in which Pharmac makes decisions¬†on who can receive access to drugs not on the subsidised list
  • Ministry of Health released figures showing how expensive some people’s treatment is in NZ Hospitals, with most of the more expensive treatments being the result of accidents.
  • Child finally gets much need operation for scoliosis, but only after her plight had been reported in the paper.
  • Oncology services are once again under threat as the lack of available oncologists continues to hamper the provision of services, especially in the Wellington region.

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